Donate for Cody

Our Brother-in-Law was in a snowmobling accident on Jan 15th. He landed on his head/ shoulders, causing him to break his back and sever his spinal cord at T6. He underwent a 5 hour surgery where they realigned his spine and took care of all the damages. He had several rods and pins permanently implanted in order to protect and align his spine correctly. With current science, is not hopeful that he will walk
again.  At this moment we are simply looking to raise money to get him into the best rehab facility where he can get the highest quality of care to navigate his new way of living. Whether it is spreading
this further to those who you know might help or sending positive vibes his way,  anything is appreciated. If you feel touched to donate, here is the link to his GoFundMe page. Updates on his progress in this life-changing journey will be added as Cody is comfortable.